Steph Curry, Larry and the long ball

For me, basketball won’t ever be more thrilling than Larry Bird winning a game with an impossibly long three, over two defenders and with just seconds left.┬áBird’s threes were like brilliant comets, blazing through darkened arenas, before finally dropping beneath the hoop. They felt so new, probably because the three-point line was new, too (only […]

Dellavedova: gritty or just crafty?

Like DeNiro’s banana slip into comedy, the point guard position was redefined decades ago, well before Russell Westbrook agitated himself with Tiger Balm down his shorts, at least. And so shooting remains the first option of today’s antsy point, with passing about as familiar as Bob’s Tax Driver to today’s TV bingers. So it’s always […]

What’s wrong with the Red V?

After just two games, a few commentators have hit the panic button and announced that the Dragons are in trouble. Two losses, apparently, is enough to claim that the sky is falling, especially when it comes to a club with such a venerable history. Elsewhere down south in Cronulla Sutherland, two losses has prompted less […]

Big and bold top eight NRL picks

Most footy experts like to make BOLD final eight predictions ahead of the season. And some of them are bolder than a shirtless Bieber in a nightclub. Firstly, picking Souths to finish at the top just seems too easy. And it won’t be. Everyone will want a piece of the Bunnies. And the Bulldogs wont […]

Cats and Dogs: Your NRL Sunday Forecast

When the Bulldogs and Panthers scrap on the NRL’s opening Sunday, there’s sure to be flailing limbs amid a cloud of dust – the type you see in Warner Bros cartoons. Who’ll be left waving the white flag like the downtrodden Coyote is anyone’s guess, but it’ll be hard to tip against the home side, […]